Keeping Your Fitness Up During the Holidays

So you’ve been crushing it at the box and now that we’re half way through the holidays your attendance is dropping as home life takes over. What do you do? Here are 4 tips to keep your fitness up during the holidays.

1 Don’t stress! The holidays are a crazy time, we know. Take a realistic look at the time you have available for yourself with everything going on. Fitness shouldn’t be a stressor, it should be a de-stressor. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “is my health a priority?” If the answer is a yes, which it should be, then take an hour of your personal time and apply that to CrossFit. More importantly don’t beat yourself up for life getting in the way. Enjoy your time.

2 Set the time! If you know you only have and hour a day, 2 days a week then commit to it. Set those times you know you can make it in and devote just a small portion of your day to yourself. The holidays are about giving, and that includes a gift from you to you in the form of awesomeness.

3 Fight excuses! Stop saying that you’ll catch the next class, or that you’re just too beat from the kids. Put your gym clothes on and get in your car, then ask yourself if you really want to work out; I will bet you 9 times out of 10 you’ll start it up. The hardest part is showing up. Once you’re at the box all those worries get put on hold and the community will welcome you with promises of sweat a better mindset. Working out helps combat stress and gives us a better overall sense of wellbeing that is necessary during this stressful time of year.

4 Accountability is important! Don’t be afraid to reach out to those members you see every day and ask for support. We are all here to help one another. If you need to call your gym bestie at 5:30 am just to hear someone tell you to get out of bed then do it! Get your clothes out the night before instead of leaving it for the morning. Go so far as to leave a motivational note for yourself or set up a workout reminder in your calendar, anything helps. Most importantly don’t beat yourself up for missing a day or eating too many cookies. You don’t have to wait until January 1st to keep doing what you’ve been working so hard towards all year.