Crossfit: Adult Recess

When was the last time most Americans had Recess? Middle school seems to be the last time most people were forced to go outside and play. Playing teaches us more things than just social interaction. We learn kinesthetic awareness, movement patterns, muscular recruitment, and much more about our own levels of energy expenditure and perceived exertion. These valuable life lessons taught to us through the most basic of “classes” have long since been forgotten my many of us as adults. 

What do we do to relearn these traits, and is it worth it? Simple answer: CrossFit, and YES! 

CrossFit teaches us how to jump, run, catch, and move through space and time the way our bodies were designed to. For at least two thousand years our bodies have remained relatively unchanged. We need to continue to feed the primal factors of our body make up. The very seemingly unnecessary task of a weighted single-legged deadlift has a very real effect on our daily lives. Suppose you’re in your fifties and have little to no exercise experience. When you miss a step of a staircase or are forced to quickly dodge one of the grandchildren’s legos then this may end up causing quite an injury if not completed effectively. However, if you’ve been enjoying your hour long recess classes at your local CrossFit box then this task will be undoubtedly easier. CrossFit is not a punishment or an extreme version of fitness. It is simply the catalyst your body requires to make you a better human. So Enjoy It!