Be Present

Years ago, a young guy was doing ¼ squats with far too much weight in a gym when an old timer noticed he wasn’t performing the squat correctly.  The old timer, wanting to pass on knowledge he’d gained through many years of injuries and bad squats, approached the young guy and gave him some tips.  The young guy brushed it off and continued his ¼ rep squats, thinking, “What does that old timer know?  He probably can’t squat half what I’m putting up right now!”  The young guy continued his incorrect squats and went home feeling great about how much weight he had on the bar that day.  A few days later, he was back in the gym when he saw the old timer again.  The old timer approached him and attempted to give him advice on the bench press, to no avail.  The same things ran through the young guys mind.  “He doesn’t know shit.  I’m probably lifting more than he’s ever done before!”  A few more days went by and the young guy saw the old timer, yet again.  This time, the old timer came up and simply said, “You know, it would help if you got more coachable.” (Thoughts from Thirty Years of Barbell Training, Mark Rippetoe)

Today, I give you that same piece of advice.  Get more coachable. There’s too much to do in the little time we have together, and you are getting in the way of your own progress.

Now, don’t take offense and bring in the cavalry just yet.  Read what I have to say from a purely objective perspective and really give it some thought.  If you do that, and are still pissed at me, you can let me know the next time you see me.  But if you manage to get through this whole thing and feel up to the challenge, well then, let’s get some work done.

I need you to be better.  I want you to see continuous progress.  I want you to focus your attention on performing movement correctly every single time you step in this gym.  I want you to be better.

What about you?  Are you here to get better, or just to go through the motions?  Are you here to get stronger, or just throw on the same weight as last time and rep it out ‘cause you know you won’t fail?

I believe that the work done in the gym can save your life.  Furthermore, have you ever heard someone say, “Man, I hate having abs,” or “I wish I looked fatter?”  

You won’t hear people complain about results, only the path to achieve them.  And you won’t hear people who have survived the trial to achieve those results complain at all.  There’s a good reason for that.

If you don’t leave the gym feeling better than when you got there, you are cheating yourself.  If you don’t wake up the next day, feeling stronger, faster, and more fit, you aren’t getting everything you can from your workouts.

“But coach, I show up every day and do the workout you tell me to!”

It’s not enough to just show up.  It’s not enough to just go through the motions.  You have to BE PRESENT.

Being present means using your mind to move your body and focusing all of your attention on it.  Anything that takes your attention away from the task at hand should be regarded as the enemy to progress.  Distractions are the barrier stopping you from feeling fitter than you’ve ever felt.  Distractions halt progress and leave you weak both mentally and physically. 

You are perfectly capable of not letting them, and I’m right here with you every step of the way.

Each and every one of you has it in you to be stronger, fitter, and more powerful than you’ve ever been.  Truly, you do. I’ve seen it. 

And it’s my pleasure to keep you on that path.  But I need your help.  

It’s not going to be easy.  It’s not going to be quick. But I’m right there with you.  

Every time we work together, I’m right there.

So show up on time, be mentally present, be ready to ignore distractions, be ready get some work done and ask questions!

You are one good choice away from progress, and one bad one away from injury. 

Stay Virtuous, 

Kody Lindsey


Keeping Your Fitness Up During the Holidays

So you’ve been crushing it at the box and now that we’re half way through the holidays your attendance is dropping as home life takes over. What do you do? Here are 4 tips to keep your fitness up during the holidays.

1 Don’t stress! The holidays are a crazy time, we know. Take a realistic look at the time you have available for yourself with everything going on. Fitness shouldn’t be a stressor, it should be a de-stressor. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “is my health a priority?” If the answer is a yes, which it should be, then take an hour of your personal time and apply that to CrossFit. More importantly don’t beat yourself up for life getting in the way. Enjoy your time.

2 Set the time! If you know you only have and hour a day, 2 days a week then commit to it. Set those times you know you can make it in and devote just a small portion of your day to yourself. The holidays are about giving, and that includes a gift from you to you in the form of awesomeness.

3 Fight excuses! Stop saying that you’ll catch the next class, or that you’re just too beat from the kids. Put your gym clothes on and get in your car, then ask yourself if you really want to work out; I will bet you 9 times out of 10 you’ll start it up. The hardest part is showing up. Once you’re at the box all those worries get put on hold and the community will welcome you with promises of sweat a better mindset. Working out helps combat stress and gives us a better overall sense of wellbeing that is necessary during this stressful time of year.

4 Accountability is important! Don’t be afraid to reach out to those members you see every day and ask for support. We are all here to help one another. If you need to call your gym bestie at 5:30 am just to hear someone tell you to get out of bed then do it! Get your clothes out the night before instead of leaving it for the morning. Go so far as to leave a motivational note for yourself or set up a workout reminder in your calendar, anything helps. Most importantly don’t beat yourself up for missing a day or eating too many cookies. You don’t have to wait until January 1st to keep doing what you’ve been working so hard towards all year.


To Mobilize or Not to Mobilize


By Timminy Haycock of California Elite Training Center


Whether you have been an athlete for years or if this is your first week in the gym, having a good mobility routine is crucial to being successful with your fitness. I am lucky; stretching and having an extensive warm-up regimen was engrained in my daily routine as early as my competitive swimming days over twenty years ago. Over the years, I’ve had to keep this up or suffer the consequences of injury or nagging pain that would inhibit my training.

I started CrossFit about four years ago and didn't really take warming up or mobilizing too seriously, and I would always find myself with a migrating injury; one month it would be in my low-back, the next it would be in my knee, the next it would be in my shoulder. This cycle perpetuated because I was too lazy to take the time to take care of my body.


About a year ago, I came to the realization that spending hours and hours each week trying to improve my fitness was a waste if I wasn't willing to spend minutes each day setting myself up for success. So, I had to find a daily routine to supplement all my hard work on the barbell, and I have not had a major setback since I started doing this.


As time has gone on, my mobility routine has evolved to fit my needs for that day. For example, on squat or deadlift day, I make sure my low back, hamstrings, side butt, under butt, upper butt (those are all anatomically correct names), quads, and calves are ready to work hard. I've also created an extensive upper body mobility routine that works for me for bench days.


So what can you do? Mobilizing before you work out and getting your body ready for what you're about to put it through is key. Mobilizing afterwards is important too, but if you’re going to only have time for one, do it before you train. There are numbers of resources to help you get started. I have found a lot of things that work for me through ROMWOD ( which is basically a 10-45 minute video each day that is pretty much just yoga for CrossFitters. Kelley Starrett is big in the fitness community. He’s a host on the biggest loser and is considered the mobility guru for CrossFit. He wrote a book called the Supple Leopard which details different positions, their benefits, and what movements they will be beneficial for. He has a website which is very helpful and there are four posters hanging on the wall by the back rooms in the gym that illustrate which movements to do for different movements. Our coaches and other experienced members at our gym also have a plethora of knowledge to help you if the internet cannot help you find what you are looking for.


In conclusion, what is the point of putting in so much time and effort at the gym if you don’t set yourself up for success? All it takes is 5-10 minutes every day, and I guarantee your body will thank you for it!

Crossfit: Adult Recess

When was the last time most Americans had Recess? Middle school seems to be the last time most people were forced to go outside and play. Playing teaches us more things than just social interaction. We learn kinesthetic awareness, movement patterns, muscular recruitment, and much more about our own levels of energy expenditure and perceived exertion. These valuable life lessons taught to us through the most basic of “classes” have long since been forgotten my many of us as adults. 

What do we do to relearn these traits, and is it worth it? Simple answer: CrossFit, and YES! 

CrossFit teaches us how to jump, run, catch, and move through space and time the way our bodies were designed to. For at least two thousand years our bodies have remained relatively unchanged. We need to continue to feed the primal factors of our body make up. The very seemingly unnecessary task of a weighted single-legged deadlift has a very real effect on our daily lives. Suppose you’re in your fifties and have little to no exercise experience. When you miss a step of a staircase or are forced to quickly dodge one of the grandchildren’s legos then this may end up causing quite an injury if not completed effectively. However, if you’ve been enjoying your hour long recess classes at your local CrossFit box then this task will be undoubtedly easier. CrossFit is not a punishment or an extreme version of fitness. It is simply the catalyst your body requires to make you a better human. So Enjoy It!

Life at Crossfit DCS

With new events, new programs, and new achievements, we can’t wait to continue growing stronger every day at California Elite Training Center.


We love change here at CETC--especially when it makes the gym look awesomer and function even better. If you’ve been to the Training Center the past couple days, you no doubt noticed our new sign-in desk. When you come in, please sign in and help us keep track of who’s using the gym and when!



Thank you for inviting your friends to California Elite Training Center during the month of May. We’re glad for everyone that chose to become a member of San Diego’s best-equipped, best-coached, and best-deal gym. Please keep encouraging your friends to come! When new members sign up, we offer two weeks free--after that, they’ll enjoy great workouts at prices far below many gyms in the area. We sincerely believe the CETC experience sells itself: There’s just no place like our gym, and we hope you agree.


To a Crossfitter, Memorial Day is one of the most important days of the year. It’s when Crossfitters around the nation unite to do “Murph,” a workout in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy, an American hero who was killed in combat in Afghanistan in 2005 during Operation Red Wings.

Lt. Murphy designed Murph: a mile run followed by 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats, and then another mile run. While it’s extremely challenging, our participants were proud to honor our fallen heroes with this workout. Thanks to all who participated in this event. 



In May, Crossfit DCS members also got to participate in Isabel, a great benchmark workout.  It’s been a true pleasure watching DCS members improve in skill, flexibility, speed, and overall fitness!



You may have noticed that we had a TON of special events in May, and that as a result, our weekend hours were often different than normal. Thanks for your patience, as we’re so proud of the results! California Elite Training Center hosted a Crossfit L1 Certificate Course on one of those weekends, resulting in several L1 Certifications--including new Tuesday evening Crossfit Coach Natalie Chadwick. We’re extremely glad to be a part of San Diego athletes moving forward as coaches.